on Zero Balancing.

by guest blogger J. L., WSW client since 2015

Before working with Jennie Finn, I had never heard of Zero Balancing. I had experienced other forms of bodywork, particularly massage and reiki, but did not feel that those other forms gave me the benefit I was looking for, beyond a session here and there.

I typically come to my sessions with Jennie feeling disorganized as a result of life stresses. It is sometimes hard even to articulate an intention for the session when she asks. But I always feel a shift while the work is being done. While Jennie seems to hardly be doing anything but pressing a particular point on my hip or rib or shoulder, I suddenly feel that I can take a deep breath where I couldn’t before. I feel a stubborn worry release almost magically. An insight comes to me about a situation in my life, and it’s like my deep inner wisdom gets a chance to speak, whereas before the session it was getting drowned out by all the “static” in my being.

Zero Balancing brings me back to a place where I feel clear and in line with myself, not scattered or tangled. My body feels complete and at peace—like I have received a full body massage—though Jennie’s touch is always gentle and specific and never becomes too intense (as other types of bodywork sometimes are for me).

Owner’s note: our client J. L. offered us these musings on Zero Balancing, with generous permission to share. We thank her for it! She received a total of eleven Zero Balancing treatments from Jennie Finn, LMT at West Side Wellness.

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