core values, work in progress.


Owner’s note: here at WSW, we’ve been having ongoing discussions about how we’d like to define our core values as a practice. The process is ongoing, but here are some thoughts I’ve had along the way.

Part of what makes WSW special is that we understand that different approaches work for different people. Touching another person is a privilege, and the simple act of laying on hands, with presence, is sacred. It heals. Any additional techniques (provided they’re done with mindfulness and skill) are icing on the cake. One reason we charge the same amount for different bodywork modalities is because we view all bodywork as equally healing and equally valuable.

It’s appropriate (and good) to educate you about the different options we can provide, and to say why we think you might want to try them. But for us to value one modality over another would be inappropriate. It’s your job to sample and decide what works for you. I believe it’s unethical to let a client make us their guru. The healthy client is the one who is shown that the healing work happens within them; as massage therapists, we are simply objective facilitators.

Listening to you, and letting you know you’ve been heard, is deeply therapeutic, regardless of the nature of the conversation. It’s important, and it’s planned for, at our practice. Our duty is to bear witness, and to affirm that you know what is best for you. Sometimes your time spent with us is the only time in your life when you can ask for, and receive, what you want. We’re here to treat, and to educate, but above all, to honor your right to make decisions about your body and your experiences, and to remind you that you have a right to have your needs met.