core values.

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Owner’s note: at WSW, we all belong to either the AMTA or the ABMP, professional massage associations which ask members to pledge to uphold ethical standards of care. But we wanted to take that a little further and develop our own statement of core values as a practice. Here’s what we’ve got:

We treat everyone with respect. We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe here.

We refrain from judgement. Our job is to bear witness and hold space. Our goal is to be sure clients know their needs have been heard, honored, and met.

Reminding clients of their power and self-efficacy is empowering. Empowerment is what helps people heal.

Our work is client-directed. It’s a cooperative effort between client and therapist. Healing happens when the client is ready.

Our own education is ongoing.

We strive to be present.

We strive to be professional.

We strive to model compassion.

We strive to keep our prices reasonable.

We claim no miracles.

We care for the Providence community we’re part of.

Massage is service, in the highest sense of the word. To perform bodywork is an honor and a privilege. Our work is humility.


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