immunity vs. resilience.


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As spring comes eerily early and we’re all doing our part to keep a pandemic at bay, it’s helpful to get outside, if you can. If you do, you’ll find a hundred small signs of life bounding back from winter’s interruption. As it does. As it will, after this pandemic subsides.

Meanwhile, what a good time for reflection, eh? Here’s mine.

We’re so used to saying things like “boost your immunity” –– I see it constantly on my social media feed: “10 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System!” But, I have an autoimmune condition. I’ve learned that I actually don’t want to rev up my immune system, because it’ll just attack itself. And people with compromised immune systems don’t have the ability to “strengthen” their immune system. In this sense, the concept of boosting one’s immune system is kinda ableist. The best we immune outliers can hope for is not extra immunity, but resilience. The ability to get through a health challenge, and come out on the other side.

Resilience implies fluidity, flexibility, and resourcefulness. Perhaps a better reason for why someone would swallow vitamin C, zinc, garlic, or chicken broth right now is: to nourish health. To build reserves. To encourage balance. To increase resilience. That’s what we’re all going to need for the future that’s barrelling towards us. Resilience, and faith in regrowth.

See you on the flip side; we’ll be ready to help you process and recover. Till then, may health be with you.

Jen Raimondi, owner

Picture shows springtime buds.